Fugan Suijo Line

Fugan Suijo Line

An Oasis in the Center of Toyama: Fugan Canal Kansui Park

The Fugan Canal Kansui Park is located in the central area of the city, about a 9-minute walk from the North Exit of Toyama Station. The magnificent view of the Tateyama Mountain Range blends with the park grounds to create a scenic area for outdoor leisure. Landscaping on the area began in 1988, and work on park facilities continued through 2011, creating the charming park that we have today.

The park was built in the water front area that was once the Fugan Canal’s moorage site. With walking paths and sloped lawns on both sides of the canal, we are invited to relax and reflect on our intimate relationship with water.

Within the park one will find the Starbucks Coffee Kansui Park Shop, which has received the top prize for excellence in design among shops from around the world. Adding to the park’s popularity is the French restaurant “La Chance”, overseen by Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai.

Kansui Park is also the site of a variety of events!

Kansui Park has exciting events throughout the year!

True to its name, the “Kids Festa” in spring has a festival atmosphere for the entire family to enjoy, including street performers and venders. In summer, a fireworks festival takes place, and from autumn through winter, beautiful lights illuminate the park at night. As well, with events such as “Sweet Christmas” and the Valentine’s Day celebration “Winter Fantasia”, there is something for visitors to look forward to during each season!

In addition, there are many events planned by local residents: hula dance festivals, jazz concerts, wine events, matchmaking parties and more!
In winter, Kansui Park is lit up by beautiful lights which give it a charm slightly different from other seasons. A tree made of lights floats magically over the basin of the waterfall fountain, and Tenmon-kyo Bridge is adorned with veils of light, running down from the twin observation towers. Lighting up the Toyama winter, over 20 thousand LED bulbs are used in decorating the park, making it a popular spot for visitors.

Fascinating Canal Cruises on the Fugan Suijo Line

The Fugan Canal connects Kansui Park, Nakajima Lock, and the port town of Iwase. Cruises on the canal are offered by the Fugan Suijo Line, administered by Toyama Prefecture and Toyama City. Regular service halfway down the canal (Kansui Park - Nakajima Lock), and down the whole length (Kansui Park – Iwase) is offered on three passenger boats. The Fugan and the Sora (capacity of 55 persons each) as well as the electric boat Momiji (capacity of 11 persons) are available for private reservation, in addition to regularly scheduled service.
(1) Nakajima Lock Gate, the main site along the canal!
The Nakajima Lock Gate was built in 1934, during construction on the Fugan Canal. The lock is located in the central section of the canal, and is built in the same style as locks used in the Panama Canal, with two pairs of lock gates to adjust water level. By alternately opening and closing the front and rear gates, vessels can be transported between the upper and lower sections of the canal. The water transportation technology utilized in Nakajima Lock was developed in Europe, and has been used from the middle ages through modern times.
In 1998, Nakajima Lock was the first construction project to be designated as an Important Cultural Property by the national government, receiving high praise as a structure which demonstrates the high level of Japanese civil engineering during the early Showa period.
The Nakajima Lock is like a “water elevator”, allowing boats to move between the 2.5 meter difference in water levels along the canal. This is the only place in Japan where you can get a lift on a lock like this!

(2) Terminal stop: The charming port town of Iwase!
The Iwase area flourished as a port town between the Edo and Meiji periods, along with the kitamae-bune trading ship industry. The area developed a unique architectural style, and many houses from that time period have been preserved near the center of town. A characteristic element of the style is the use of sumushiko, a projecting latticed window made with bamboo blinds. This type of latticework allows people within the house to see outside, while blocking those outside from seeing in. This type of design is rarely seen elsewhere in Japan.
Visit another nationally-designated Important Cultural Property, the Mori Residence, which retains its original appearance as a wealthy merchant’s house and shipyard, letting visitors learn about the kitamae-bune (north-bound trading ships). Feel the history of the traditional townscape as you walk, taking note of the sake brewery, glass workshop and other modern buildings which have had their exterior restored in the traditional style.


(3) Light Rail fare is included when you buy a ticket to Iwase!
When you purchase a ticket for the canal cruise to Iwase, you will receive a return ticket on Toyama Light Rail, Japan’s first full-fledged LRT streetcar. Taking the canal cruise to Iwase and the light rail back is a perfect way to get the full experience during your visit to Iwase.
 ※The opposite route (Toyama Station North→(Light Rail)→ Iwase →(Canal Cruise)→ Kansui Park) is also available!

Canal Cruise Suijo Line boat descriptions

 ○[The Fugan] (55 person max)
    The Fugan
 ・Solar boat, hugely popular since it began operation in March 2014.
 ・Hull is made of aluminum, one of Toyama’s main industrial products.
 ・Rounded glass used in the front of the boat also incorporates technology from Toyama industry.
    Length: 17.8 meters、Width 3.3 meters

 ○[The Sora] (55 person max)
   The Sora  
 ・Solar boat, in operation ever since the canal cruise opened in July, 2009.
 ・Boat’s exterior is Tateyama cedar produced in Toyama.
 ・Simple design has made it a steady fan favorite.
    Length: 12.58 meters、Width 3.26meters

  ○[The Momiji] (11 person max)
   The Momiji 
 ・In operation since July, 2009 (when the canal cruise opened)
 ・Electric boat, made by long-established US maker Duffy Electric Boat.
 ・The compact, charming design is popular with foreign as well as domestic passengers.
   Length: 6.6 meters、Width 2.8 meters

Located in easy walking distance of Toyama Station, Kansui Park is a must see for anyone visiting Toyama. Why not take a relaxing canal cruise on the Suijo Line during your stay?