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The B Course operates twice daily:

#4 Departing Iwase Canal Hall at 11:25 → Arriving in Kansui Park at 12:35
#10 Departing Iwase Canal Hall at 14:35 → Arriving in Kansui Park at 15:45

This course pairs the Canal Cruise and the Tram ticket; it is a highly-recommended way to tour the area!

※The A Course (Kansui Park→Iwase) also comes with the Tram ticket.

Click here for more information about the Tram.


Let’s take a closer look at the course!

To start off, we will head to the Information Center for Tram by Toyama Station of Tram lines.

Here, you can buy tickets for Fugan Suijo Line.

The Tram ticket are included when you purchase a ride on canal cruise!


Alright then, first off let’s take a ride on the Light Rail!
Depart from Toyama Station!

- Ride time is about 24 minutes –

Arrive at Iwasehama Station!
Put your Tram ticket in the ticket box when you get off.

When you get off, follow signs to Fugan Suijo Line.

- 1-min walk -

At Iwase Canal Hall, you can get lunch or shop for local products to share with your friends and family back home.

The boarding dock is right behind the Canal Hall.

Alright, the moment you have been waiting for! All aboard for the Canal Cruise!
Depart from Iwase Canal Hall!


Pass through Toyama Harbor

Ride the “water elevator” at Nakajima Lock (as the water level rises, the boat and passengers are lifted along with it!)

Arrive at your final destination, Kansui Park!

- Total time on the cruise is about 70 minutes –

Located in the park you will find a Starbucks Coffee which has been ranked as one of the most beautiful in the world, as well as the restaurant “La Chance”, located right next to the dock. Take a relaxing coffee break while enjoy the scenery of the park.

Shall we head back to Toyama Station?
From the Canal Cruise dock in Kansui Park, it’s just over a 10 minute walk to the north side of Toyama Station.

There you have it! In as little as 2 hours, you can take a tour of the city starting right from Toyama Station! Seems like fun, right?

Of course, if you arrive in Iwase early, you will have plenty of time to take a stroll through this historic town. Feel the history at the Mori Residence, a nationally-designated Important Cultural Property. Also, you will want to get a view of the bay from the lookout tower, and have a triangular red-bean pancake, one of the area’s specialties… so much to try!


Our B-Course is a great way to see the best of Toyama – You won’t want to miss it!