Fugan Suijo Line

The Tram

The Tram

Toyamakō Line is a streetcar line featuring a barrier-free low platform design that is easily accessible for wheelchairs, strollers and those with limited mobility. It is a safe, environmentally-friendly mode of public transportation.

Toyama Station of Tram lines is about 10 minutes’ walk from Kansui Park and the Canal Cruise boarding dock. The Tram takes passengers about 7 kilometers in roughly 24 minutes to Iwasehama Station terminal, from which it is only a minute’s walk to reach the Canal Cruise’s other boarding dock at the Iwase Canal Hall. Since the Tram transports people to and from the port, it is also known affectionately as the Portram (port + tram). 

Suijo Line Canal Cruise Tickets

Tickets for both Course A and B, offering service between Kansui Park and the Iwase Canal Hall, include tram fare (normally 210 yen for adults)
Recommended: Course A
Depart from Kansui Park and take the canal cruise to Iwase, and then return on the Tram, departing from Iwasehama Station and arriving at Toyama Station (a short walk from the starting point at Kansui Park). This easy and fun tour through Toyama is a great way to spend a couple of hours of free time! Of course, you can make the loop in reverse order (Course B) or start your trip from Iwase as well!

Course A:2 boats per day, departing from Kansui Park at 10:10 and 13:20 (cruise time of approx. 60 minutes)

Course B:2 boats per day, departing from Iwase Canal Hall at 11:25 and 14:35 (cruise time of approx. 70 minutes)

The Tram:Departing every 15 minutes from Toyama and Iwasehama stations (boarding time of approx. 24 minutes)

Plan your route to so that you can enjoy your time to the fullest. Both the canal cruises and light rail are popular with children as well. Do not miss your chance to take a fun and relaxing excursion near the center of Toyama City!